Notary Public

Sarah Justine Fuller, Notary Public

Sarah acts as a Notary for both individual and business clients. Ordinarily those clients will either have been advised or will otherwise be aware that they require the assistance of a Notary Public, but generally speaking a Notary Public provides independent proof of documents, transactions and facts ordinarily to satisfy Authorities or institutions outside of England and Wales.

The notarial work includes a wide range of services from checking documents, providing notarised copies, attesting signatures, dealing with execution and verification of documents and preparing Notarial Certificates with signature, Seal and stamp. The documents dealt with are various, including Powers of Attorney, Passports, academic qualifications, Affidavits, Statutory Declarations, travel documents for children and those relating to marriage outside of England & Wales.

When you make an enquiry, you will be asked to provide as much information as possible and where possible provide a copy of the document you want notarising this is so we provide you with either a fixed fee or an estimate of our costs. If you wish to proceed, an appointment can be made for you.

Your Appointment

As Sarah will need to check the information and documentation, including your identification documents carefully, your appointment will not simply be a 5 minute rubber stamping exercise. This is not the role of a Notary. You should therefore be sure you set aside enough time to be able to deal with all the matters that Sarah will require. After you have met, you may be asked to wait in the waiting room whilst the documents are finalised including sewing attachments together, sealing documents and ensuring proper completion of the documentation.

How can I help the process along?

So that Sarah can act as efficiently and cost effectively as possible for you it will help hugely if you can take the following steps before your appointment./p>

Before your appointment:

  • Provide as much information as possible when you make the initial enquiry.
  • Provide as much documentation as you can in advance of your appointment (including, for example, any communication you have had from any foreign lawyer or institution relating to your matter).
  • Personally check the documents yourself and be sure that all the information is correct and you are happy with the contents.

At the appointment:

  • Please bring all original documents to the appointment (including any instructions you already have about what is required of you and the Notary Public).
  • Bring up-to-date and accurate identification documents with you. These documents can include your current passport, driver's license, current (within the last 3 months) bank statement or gas, electricity or Council Tax bill or credit card bill. Please be aware that Sarah will require identification documents to a very high standard.
  • Check your identification documents yourself to ensure their accuracy and that the information in them matches that in the document(s) you want notarised.
  • Generally speaking Sarah takes the view that she can never have too much information in advance of an appointment, nor too much ID.


Sometimes it is a requirement of the foreign jurisdiction to ask for a document to be legalised and/or an Apostille to be applied. Sarah can assist you with this too.

Sarah's work as a Notary Public is impartial and independent of the work she does as a solicitor at Austin Ray, Solicitors Milton Keynes. Her notarial work is regulated by the Faculty of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Sarah is a member of the Notaries Society of England and Wales.