Powers of Attorney and Court of Protection

A power of attorney is a document that gives somebody the power to act for you. Some of our clients want a family member to be able to do this, if for example they want help with their affairs or if they lose their capacity to make decisions themselves, either in the short or long term.

An ordinary power of attorney can only be used while the donor has mental capacity. A Lasting Power of Attorney will continue to be effective beyond that point. By having an effective Lasting Power of Attorney in place, problems may later be avoided if a trusted family member or friend needs to deal with your affairs because you cannot.

Lasting Power of Attorney

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney. One is for financial and property affairs. The other is for health and personal welfare. Both need to be registered at the Office of the Public Guardian before they can be used.

There are strict requirements for the creation and use of Lasting Powers of Attorney Contact Austin Ray if you are considering putting in place Lasting Power of Attorney or if you need to use one to administer the affairs of someone else who is beginning to have or is worried about capacity issues. We can help you understand the implications of making a Lasting Power, draft it correctly so it works for you and deal with the formalities of registering it.

Enduring Powers of Attorney

At Austin Ray we also deal with the registration of Enduring Powers of Attorney that are already in existence.

Court of Protection & Deputyships

If someone already has capacity problems, Austin Ray can guide you through the Court of Protection and Deputyship process, enabling a Court-appointed person to manage the affairs of someone who cannot manage their own and does not already have an effective power of attorney in place.

Whilst assisting in all these areas we put the needs of our clients first and are particularly keen to act in a way to ensure protection of our clients, especially those who may be vulnerable. Please see information on our web site about our Elderly Client Services.