Probate and Administration of Estates

Executors appointed under a Will are responsible for ensuring that the deceased’s wishes are carried out. To cash in or transfer assets out of the estate, a Grant of Probate is often needed.

In cases where there is no Will, we can help you deal with the matter under intestacy rules set out by the law.

We can advise what the tax implications are and help you make sure you make the most of any exemptions or reductions of tax available to you under the law. We can assist with matters including transferable nil rate bands, business property relief, spouse exemption and Deeds of Variation.

At Austin Ray we are able to assist by offering a bespoke set of services, depending on your individual requirements. We can manage your whole estate from start to finish, or we can just obtain the Grant. If needed, our level of support can sit between the two. Before getting started, we will ask for information to get a firmer idea of what it is you need from us, agreeing upon either a fixed price for the work we do or a detailed estimate ahead of time.

Wills & Contentious Probate

For more information on our will support services, please see our dedicated page.

In the case of Contentious Probate - that is, where you wish to challenge a will, bring a claim against an estate where there is no valid Will or someone is seeking to make such a claim where you are an Executor - Austin Ray will be on hand to advise you. We can also help you bring claims under the Inheritance (Provisions for Family and Dependents) Act 1975.