Wills and Trusts

A valid and properly drafted and executed Will should work for you to ensure your instructions about what you want to happen to your assets when you die. Austin Ray can help you put in place this important document to take care of your property, personal possessions, money or other assets and if relevant also appoint guardians for young children and detail funeral arrangements.

If you die without making a valid will, the law will determine how your property is distributed, in proportions set by statute (Government made laws). Without a valid will, you will have no say in how your estate is distributed among your family and friends. Therefore taking the time to put in place a valid will can avoid costly and stressful legal actions after your death since it gives you more control over the destination of your property than dying without a will.

Reviewing your will

Wills should be reviewed when you marry or enter into a civil partnership, cohabit, divorce or separate, move home or lose someone who was mentioned in a previous Will or if there are any other significant changes to your life. If you marry, any will made before marriage is automatically revoked (unless it was made in contemplation of that marriage).

The team at Austin Ray has the breadth and depth of expertise to advise on any of these life events.

Expert Wills & Trusts support from Austin Ray

Although you choose what to say in your will, the law specifies how you should say it. If your will is not properly drafted and executed there is a risk that your will – or parts of it – may be considered invalid.

At the time you give consideration to your will you may also want to consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney or applying for voluntary registration of your land at HM Land Registry. Indeed, how you hold any jointly-owned property is an important issue which our Austin Ray team can guide you on; if required we can take care of severing a joint tenancy and other land related issues.

At Austin Ray we can help you by listening to what you want and what matters concern you about planning your will. Our expert team will ensure that any property related matters are also considered and dealt with appropriately. We will then draft a will or codicil for you, ensuring that all is executed correctly. In that way, you can be assured that you have an effective will dealing with your estate in the way you want, and that your loved ones will receive what they deserve.

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